How To Spice Things Up In the Bedroom

Many studies have shown that excitement in the bedroom plummets after a couple has been together for about a year. It’s frustrating because that’s just when the emotional side of love deepens, paving the way to a lifelong partnership...

12 Adult Halloween Costumes for the Bedroom

Halloween is just around the corner, and who says you can’t make spooky, sexy? If you’ve ever had a costume kink, or just want to try something new, Halloween is the perfect time to dress up and add a little flare to the bedroom. Not sure where to start? Our love experts have curated the sexist list of trending costume

Tricks are Treats: 4 Fun Adult Halloween Tricks For The Bedroom

Trying to add some spice to your relationship? Halloween is around the corner and as adults, we can “trick or treat” in the bedroom.

Our Bodies Are Our Superpower

Your body is a temple, and if your partner isn’t worshiping it, pouring oil over it, and kissing it all over, kick them to the curb. Got curves? Flaunt them. Got a pancake booty? Own it. Got cellul...

How To Feel Better About Your Body In The Bedroom

To get the most enjoyment from sex, women need to get their mind off their body’s imperfections. This presents a challenge in a culture where media images of women’s bodies are so far away from the norm....

Top 5 Sex Blogs to Spice up Your Sex Life, Pick the Best Toy and Discover your Hot Spots

Often times we are afraid to ask these questions out loud. What is the best sex toy, how to bring a spark back into our relationships, or how to feel comfortable with the partner?