About Us

Night Train Love found its start in the hands of our founder Erin Alexander.  Erin was in a long term relationship with her then-boyfriend and like many women, she couldn’t achieve an orgasm. Fed up with the thought of getting the most out of her sex life, she started looking into sexual stimulants but became discouraged from the fact she was allergic to the ingredients.  When she thought all hope was lost, she had the bright idea to create her own solution.


After teaming up with her father who’s a biochemist, together they created an all-natural formula that achieved the ultimate climax. Soon after the formula was created, samples were given to friends and family and let’s just say sparks were flying and love was in the air. The reviews were so amazing, Erin knew she had to share her stimulant with the rest of the world to bring lovers closer together.


A Message From Our Founder: Night Train Love got its name because trains are very powerful and there are usually several that run all night.  Our patented formula is just that and will leave you satisfied every time. Although it was made with a woman in mind, it can be used on anyone. Night Train has a tingling sensation to heighten arousal and delightful flavors to inspire your imagination to intensify pleasure.  I hope that my products bring lots of pleasure, joy, and fun back into your bedroom and reignite the Night Train Lover in you.” 

Enjoy the Ride ~ Erin


“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”